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Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis consists in listening inside the machine. Each component vibrates differently and generates a characteristic noise that leaves a typical fingerprint in the spectrum in the form of a linear pattern. If damage is present, the pattern stands out from the noise floor. This allows the specialist to recognize, for example, whether the problem comes from unbalance, misalignment or bearing damage. In addition to an accurate diagnosis it is generally also possible to determine whether urgent action is necessary or whether it can wait until the next scheduled servicing.

Vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system. The vibration of any object in motion is characterized by variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. These can correlate to physical phenomena, making it possible to use vibration data to gain insights into the health of equipment. Vibration analysis can be used to :

  • Find a developing problem that can be repaired to increase machine lifetime
  • Detect and monitor a chronic problem that cannot be repaired and will only get worse
  • Establish acceptance testing criteria to ensure that installation/repairs are properly conducted.

Vibration Analysis (VA), applied in an industrial or maintenance environment aims to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime by detecting equipment faults. VA is a key component of a Condition Monitoring (CM) program, and is often referred to as Predictive Maintenance (PdM).  Most commonly VA is used to detect faults in rotating equipment (Fans, Motors, Pumps, and Gearboxes etc.) such as Unbalance, Misalignment, rolling element bearing faults and resonance conditions.

Vibration analysis – The benefits
The bottom line is that vibration analysis benefits both the operator and the maintenance technician :

  • Enables the identification of machine faults.
  • Provides information on root cause.
  • Localizes the affected components.
  • Optimizes spare parts logistics.
  • Allows early planning of maintenance measures.

In the past, vibration analysis required dialing an instrument through the full spectrum to identify frequencies at which vibration was prominent. The operator then compared the peak frequencies with the operating speed and consulted a chart for likely causes. One advantage of that method was that the operator gradually developed a sense of how equipment vibrates and why certain problems occur at the same multiples of the rotating speed.

The latest generation of vibration analyzers has more capabilities and automated functions than their predecessors had. Many units display the full vibration spectrum of three axes simultaneously — providing a snapshot of what is going on with a particular machine. But despite such capabilities, not even the most sophisticated equipment successfully predicts developing problems unless the operator understands and applies the basics of vibration analysis.

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