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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection, commonly known as TPI, is the term used for independent impartial inspection services provided by a qualified company. There are three common types of inspections. First party inspections are performed by the manufacturers themselves at their own. Second party inspections are performed by the buyer or the buyer’s in-house quality team. Third party inspections are made by an independent company, usually hired by the buyer, to ensure that all the products are up to the needed quality standard and the manufacturing process itself meets the international standards in term of Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Social Acceptable Practices (SA 8000) and Environmental Management (ISO 14000).

One of the main benefits of Third Party Inspection, as opposed to those performed by either the manufacturer or the buyer, is that the inspectors performing TPI are unbiased by either side and can thus deliver a verdict that is fair without compromising the interests of either party – while, of course, looking out for the client and the requirements put forward. In simple words, their decision will only be influenced by hard facts and both participants of the manufacturing process will be able to get a clear picture of where they stand in the current project.

These are some of the key benefits of Third Party Inspection :

  • Ensure quality and quantity.
  • No complaint from the clients as they are satisfied.
  • Production is cost effective with least wastage.
  • It maintains Company’s good name and reputation.
  • Company is able to supply quality product to the customers.
  • Work load of replacement of defective material against warranty period gets reduced.

Third party inspections are performed by ISO 9001Certified companies, with relevant experience, trained and specialized teams on few or several product categories. Choosing the right third party inspection provider is an important step in ensuring thorough quality control in the interest of the end-consumer.

Our key role in Third Party Inspection includes :

  • In Process Inspection of factory products.
  • Statutory and Voluntary Inspection.
  • Material Testing and Non-Destructive Testing.
  • Product Certification.
  • Residual Life Assessment of Plant & Machinery and Building Structures.
  • Factory Acceptance Test.
  • Inspection & Testing of Second Hand Plant & Machinery.
  • Welding Inspection & Testing.

Ascentech Engicon Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company, well experienced in Third Party Inspection and is provider of Technical Inspection, Verification, Testing and Conformity Assessment for Industrial Markets. The core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver first-class services on a constant high quality level to our customers. Our Teams of Engineers ensure that the quality and performance of products or installations meet applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client specific. We help to improve the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment, assure safe and health working conditions for employees.






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