ASCENTECH ENGICON PVT.LTD. is a part of a corporate conglomerate headquartered in Raipur, Chhattisgarh with interests in a variety of Industrial verticals. Having commenced its illustrious journey 53 years back with a Petrol Pump, the group has successfully ventured into automobile trading ,real estate and is also currently one of the most accomplished media houses with one English and one Hindi mainline dailies with a reasonable circulation.

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Technical Investigation

In olden days; there were small industrial units, using old technology and engaging staff of normal skill and knowledge. Now a days the new industrial units are coming up with huge plant & machinery and very advanced technology. Previous the accidents taking place were of nominal nature, but now a days the industrial accidents kills a large number of industrial workers. So it becomes necessary to technically investigate the reason of plant & machinery failure which led to fatality. This specific Technical Investigation could only be done by a highly experienced technical person, well versed with modern production process.

Similarly Insurance Companies also needs technical investigation of Motor Accident, Fire and Engineering Claims so as to ascertain that the claim is genuine or not. The Railway / Traffic Police also needs technical investigation of any serious accident.

Our team of accident investigators include engineers, surveyors & ex law enforcement personnel trained in vehicle dynamics, biomechanics, vehicle testing & accident reconstruction. These ranges from simple fender bender to fatal accidents involving extensive investigation & technical analysis.

Our investigations also utilize other experts in various field such as mechanics, engineers, fire expert & medical personnel to provide an in depth and comprehensive investigation results.

Our accident investigations are comprehensive and detailed, taking in all aspects that lead to the accident. We have been assigned the above job by various organizations from the factories and insurance companies and gave the result up to their entire satisfaction.

Ascentech Engicon Pvt. Ltd. is equipped to deal with any scenario. Available to us are specialized survey equipment to determine thickness of paint coat, vehicle speed, Road surface friction testing equipment to determine drag factor, braking efficiency etc and software to assist us in our investigation.






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