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Soil and Water Testing

Soil tests for construction of buildings or structures is the first step in construction planning to understand the suitability of soil for proposed construction work. Soil which is responsible for allowing the stresses coming from the structure should be well tested to give excellent performance. If soil is not tested correctly then the whole building or structure gets damaged / collapsed / tilted. Hence soil inspection and testing is the first step to proceed for any Civil Construction. The soils information is used to suggest the type(s) of foundation that is/are used as well as recommended sizes of foundation components. This includes the bearing capacity of the soil. These recommendations are used by the foundation engineer who designs the building foundation for Industrial Buildings, High Rise Buildings, Flyovers, Bridges, Water Dam, Ash Pond / Dam, Barrage, Canal, Spillway, Weirs, Tunnels, P-Way for Trains etc.

Soil tests for Agriculture is a process by which elements (N, P, K, pH, EC, Ca, Mg, S, Organic Carbon and micronutrients : Zn, Br, Mn, Fe, Cu, Mo) are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their “plant available” content within the sample. The quantity of available nutrients in the sample determines the amount of fertilizer that is recommended in soil testing services. A soil test also measures soil pH, humid matter and exchangeable acidity. These analyses indicate whether lime is needed and, if so, how much to apply. To remain profitable in agriculture under present conditions, every farmer and grower should consider that fertility levels must be measured. These measurements can then be used to manage soil fertility to more precisely achieve top production and quality, while still keeping costs at the minimum necessary to meet the goal.

Soil analysis is a valuable tool for any one’s farm as it determines the inputs required for efficient and economic production. A proper soil test will help ensure the application of enough fertilizer to meet the requirements of the crop while taking advantage of the nutrients already present in the soil. It will also allow you to determine lime requirements and can be used to diagnose problem areas.

Water quality testing help ensure that water is safe for people to drink. Whether you have your own well or manage a small or large water system, regular testing can alert you to potential problems. If your water supply becomes contaminated, people may get sick or even die due to sickness. One of the most important steps is to test regularly for coliform bacteria.  The following factors contributes to bacteria in drinking water :- (1)  Failing septic systems. (2)  Open holes on your well.  (3)  Broken water line.  (4)  Unmaintained water equipment.  (5)  Large amounts of manure or livestock near your well.  (6)  Poor sampling location.

Common chemicals like arsenic, lead, iron, copper, manganese, fluoride and nitrate may affect water quality in wells and can cause :-  (1)  Water discoloration.  (2)  Fixture stains.  (3)  Weird smells.  (4)  Health issues. Hence it is utmost important to get the water system tested for Bacteria (once in a year) and Nitrates (once in every 2 years).

Ascentech Engicon Pvt. Ltd. has established a most modern laboratory to test the Soil and Water with very high accuracy. Our dedicated team of Civil Engineer, Agriculturist and Lab Technicians are giving their expert services to our valued clients.






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