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Safety Audit & Consulting

Safety audits (General, Fire, Electrical and Chemical Safety) are conducted in order to assess the degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements and with the procedural provisions of a Safety Management System(SMS) if one is in place. They are intended to provide assurance of the safety management functions, including staffing, compliance with applicable regulations, levels of competency and training.

Safety audits are used to ensure that :

  • Organizations SMS has a sound structure and adequate staffing levels.
  • Approved procedures and instructions are complied with.
  • The required level of personnel competency and training to operate equipment and facilities, and to maintain their levels of performance, is achieved.
  • Equipment performance is adequate for the safety levels of the service provided.
  • Effective arrangements exist for promoting safety, monitoring safety performance and processing safety issues.
  • Adequate arrangements exist to handle foreseeable emergencies.

Safety audits (General, Fire, Electrical and Chemical Safety) are carried out by a single individual or a team of people who are competent (adequately qualified, experienced and trained) and have a satisfactory degree of independence from the audited organization or unit. The frequency of the audits depends on the regulatory/management policy. For example some State authorities may conduct annual safety audits; others may consider that a full safety audit is only necessary at a few years interval.






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