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Non – Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws and cracks in parent materials and / or its welded joints. Flaws and cracks can affect the serviceability of the machine / equipment / structure, so NDT is important in guaranteeing safe operation as well as in quality control and assessing plant  and machinery life. The flaws may be cracks or inclusions in welds and castings, or variations in structural properties which can lead to loss of strength or failure in service. Non-destructive testing is used for in-service inspection and for condition monitoring of operating plant and machinery. It is also used for measurement of components and spacing and for the measurement of physical properties such as hardness and internal stresses. NDT methods can be adapted to automated production processes as well as to the inspection of localized problem areas.

In manufacturing or repairing, welds are commonly used to join two or more metal parts. Because these connections may encounter loads and fatigue during product lifetime, there is a chance that they may fail if not created to proper specification. For example, the base metal must reach a certain temperature during the welding process, must cool at a specific rate, and must be welded with compatible materials or the joint may not be strong enough to hold the parts together, or cracks may form in the weld causing it to fail. The typical welding defects (lack of fusion of the weld to the base metal, cracks or porosity inside the weld, and variations in weld density) could cause a structure to break or a pipeline to rupture.

Non-destructive testing techniques are particularly useful in the industrial sector as a cost-effective way to evaluate the integrity of metal materials and equipment. In many instances, older materials and bonding methods are still in active use – particularly in the oil & gas, cement, steel and power industry. With non-destructive testing, companies are able to help ensure that these materials can continue to be utilized safely – reducing the likelihood of structural failure, machinery down time and potential accidents. As such, non-destructive testing often plays a critical role in both quality control, condition monitoring based maintenance and safety for many industrial businesses.

Most of the organizations are having so many heavy duty equipments / machines; and might be requiring time to time condition monitoring based maintenance to avoid break-down and loss of machine hours. They may also be requiring 7×24 hrs NDT services to check for any possible flaw / crack / blow hole in their steel / aluminum rolled products or castings, Checking of homogeneous structure of vital machinery parts, Checking of Pipe Line Thickness handling abrasive fluid (Such as Cross Country Ash Slurry Pipe Line), CHP / RMP Transfer Chute Plate Thickness, Pump / Fan / Crusher Casing Thickness / Crack Detection, Bearing Pedestal Crack Detection etc., so we are here to take such challenging jobs.

We are the ISO Certified Company (ISO 9001-2015) from International Certification & Inspection UK Ltd., London, and Corporate Member of National Safety Council, Mumbai (A Leading Organization. in the field of Safety).

We feel it much pleasure in introducing our Company as a NDT EXPERT having a vide range of most sophisticated and modern imported NDT Equipments with a highly dedicated and experienced team of 06 (Six) NDT ENGINEERS, having ASNT Level–II Qualification in Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Liquid (Dye) Penetrant Test & Radiography Test.

We attribute our success to our most modern, imported and state of the art Electronic & Digital Inspection Equipments, and our Engineers Team of Highly Motivated and Experienced Experts in various Engineering disciplines.






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