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Industrial Electronics

Industrial Electronics is a program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to assemble, install, operate, maintain, and repair electrical / electronic equipment used in industry and manufacturing. Industrial Electronics is more closely associated with Power Electronics.

Applications of Power Electronics range in size from a switched mode power supply in an AC adapter, battery chargers, audio amplifiers, fluorescent lamp ballasts, through variable frequency drives and DC motor drives used to operate pumps, fans, and manufacturing machinery, up to gigawatt-scale high voltage direct current power transmission systems used to interconnect electrical grids. Power electronic systems are found in virtually every electronic device. For example :-

  • DC/DC converters are used in most mobile devices (mobile phones, PDA etc.) to maintain the voltage at a fixed value whatever the voltage level of the battery is. These converters are also used for electronic isolation and power factor correction. A power optimizer is a type of DC/DC converter developed to maximize the energy harvest from solar photovoltaic or wind turbine systems.
  • AC/DC converters (rectifiers) are used every time an electronic device is connected to the mains (computer, television etc.). These may simply change AC to DC or can also change the voltage level as part of their operation.
  • AC/AC converters are used to change either the voltage level or the frequency (international power adapters, light dimmer). In power distribution networks AC/AC converters may be used to exchange power between utility frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz power grids.
  • DC/AC converters (inverters) are used primarily in UPS or renewable energy systems or emergency lighting systems. Mains power charges the DC battery. If the mains fails, an inverter produces AC electricity at mains voltage from the DC battery. Solar inverter, both smaller string and larger central inverters, as well as solar micro-inverter are used in photovoltaics as a component of a PV system.

Motor drives are found in pumps, blowers, and mill drives for power, steel, cement, textile, paper and other such facilities. Drives may be used for power conversion and for motion control. For AC motors, applications include variable-frequency drives, motor soft starters and excitation systems.

In hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), power electronics are used in two formats: series hybrid and parallel hybrid. The difference between a series hybrid and a parallel hybrid is the relationship of the electric motor to the internal combustion engine (ICE). Devices used in electric vehicles consist mostly of DC/DC converters for battery charging and DC/AC converters to power the propulsion motor. Electric trains use power electronic devices to obtain power, as well as for vector control using pulse width modulation (PWM) rectifiers. The trains obtain their power from power lines. Another new usage for power electronics is in elevator systems. These systems may use thyristors, inverters, permanent magnet motors, or various hybrid systems that incorporate PWM systems and standard motors.

Now a days every production industry has gone for software based automation and got equipped with DCS (Distributed Control System) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for controlling the over all operations of process industries are widely spread in every type of industry. There are very less engineers & technocrats in industry who are well expert in DCS and PLC.

Ascentech Engicon Pvt. Ltd. has well experienced technical experts in the field of Power Electronics, Variable Frequency Drive, Remote Control of Elect. Drives, Plant Automation, DCS and PLC, Electronic Cards Repairs of HEMMs / Power Plant / ESPs / Electric Traction Locomotives / Medical Diagnostic Equipments etc.






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